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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Er.....feel sad and stupid

       Today my class start on 10 am.That is Engineering Math,Althought it start on 10 am but i wake up at 8:00am le to do revision for math because 10:00am got 1 quize of math.I try to do 3 question of Graph
topic,after finish do,the clock show the time is 9;15am le,so i go to tidy my bag and than go to bath le.After
finish bath.i borrow my roommate motor to school.

      After go to school,i no wait my friend Wei Liang and me direct go to 7 floor building le.I not use the road
of canteen tengah and i choose the back of canteen.The most i dun think is i use that road,i can see her at
"far"distance also use that road but i dun care her cause i worry she still angry me.So i continue walk to my class.When i reach my class at 6.8,i put my beg on the class and than go out see view,suddenly i see her at the down floor seat with her Malay friend,at that time i can look her face is sad but me is sad than her  loh.That time i nearly want cry out le but i control myself.

     After than i go to class le cause Math lecturer come le,when Math lecturer come into class,she order all student keep quite first tahn she give me all the quize question.After that quize question arrived my hand,i no do first,i just see 2 or 3 time that,suddenly i feel want cry le cause that question  actually is not difficult de but for me is difficult cause i ady forgot how to do le,One more is i cannot see friend answer because that lecturer seat beside me.At no choice,i also do le but i just "pakai hantam nia"cause i dun want pass up in blank paper.After than i go home le caise to day class just until 11am nia.After reach home,i lie on bed for  while than go out eat lunch alone.After finish eat i go Bank to take money.

     At 3pm that,my friend Wei Liang come to my rent house do the Engineering drawing cause he alone at home dun no how to do.He some to my house for 4 hours,that four hours he just do ENG Drawing nia.Actually he come,i cannot focus study because he while drawing while listen song,For me,that is not my study environment cause i need a silent place i just can study.Nevermine loh,i patient loh until 7pm.Than we go out eat dinner le.At there me just take chicken and veetable,all together RM2.50nia,cheper!

     Than we go home le,after go home.i open my laptop to find information of TEcno electric,Unfortunately,i find many time le but still no answer.I very angry le,than i dun want do le,i go do other thing that is write my blog.Lastly,i want go to bath le than do revision for ENgineering sains because tumorrow got quiz.

     I hope Mei will not angry me too long.I also very very hope Mei can give me one chance again to chance my bad attitude,Mei please give one more chance.I cannot lose you because you are important for me in my live,Mei I LOVE YOU forever.

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