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Saturday, December 4, 2010


5-11-2010(Friday)      A boring day
          Today morning 3:30am I wake up go for toilet,after finish,I go to other room to see my friend ady back or not.Finally,the answer give me is not,I very shock because now what time they still not back home again.I use my handphone call them and ask a reason why not back again?Their answer is now they at Gurun and will back this morning.After I listen their reason,I will sock because they got very very big dare.Why I said them like that?This is because they go Gurun with ride motor but after then I dun think too much,I continue my sleep.

          I sleep until7:30am,if not my father call me,I will not wake up at that time le.My father ask me now Jitra got rain and which road can use and which road not flood.I answer him all question then I continue sleep again.No more 10 min,my father call me again,this time he ask at live at where and he will come to fetch me back home.I said to him I live at Taman Sri Aman.After end the call,I go brush teeth and shuffle a pack of  Nestem.That drink I put over hot water make me cannot direct drink,I put it on the table than go to open computer,first,I go to open my facebook first to see what hot news that they post,then I  go to KOSMO website to see the hot news about flood at my place.The news make me sad is flood at my district that is KUBANG PASU situation no change.

       RING……RING…..my phone sound again,my father call me again,I answer,he said he ady reach le,now he car park at the green field,he told me walk out,I said to him wait 10 min cause I want close computer and tidy my things.After finish tidy,I go out to find my father van.After get into van,I close my eye first cause I feel tired but actually I no sleep,on the way back home,I chat very many topic with my family member cause so many days I not talk with them le.My father aiways ask me about flood,he very worry my safety,I talk all about flood to him.25 min pass le,finally I arrived my home.After afrrived,I not sleep,I go to find my grandmother them to chat with them.After chat I just back home take a  bath and then sleep.When I sleep until like a pig,suddenly my girlfriend miss call me,I wake up answer  but she cancel my call,I call her back and ask her anything??She ask me back got free time bo?I said I want continue my sleep first,wait me wake up just call her.She said no need call her back but I no give her any respon,I just close tha call after she said that.After 3 hours I sleep,I wake up I look my handphone,I see got 1 new message that send from my girlfriend,I open it and see.That message write ‘I can back home le’haha…after I see that message,I also happy cause before this she very very worry she cannot back home cause flood.

              Today everning  I go outside my house to chat with  my grandmother and aunty.Chat until half,got one ‘cari makan’ come to my house,actually they come to repair the paip that are broken.Night le,I back home eat dinner,before I eat,I send one message to her first to remember her dun forget eat dinner.

             Today I write until here le cause I want sleep le,one more reason is I feel my head very painful.After I eat medicine,I go to bed le t before this I want said good night to her first,Cheng Mei,good night(11:12pm).

              Mei,I love you forever.My love to you will never change in my life.

6-11-2010(Saturday)  (A sleep day)
                Today morning I wake up at 7:30amthe first thing I do is send a message to her,my message content is Mei,good morning,I love you.This message I will continue write it evening morning without stop except this world the end.After finish send I go to brush teeth and eat breakfast,my breakfast is not so special,just a glass of milo and some piece of biscuit.After finish eat,I go to my grandmother house to watch newspaper.Today de hot news is still about the flood,the news write ‘the circumstance of flood at  KEDAH  become serious but other state such as Perlis de circumstance of flood become better than before this le’.Other news that I read is sports de,the most attractive me is the football,y?Because tonight two strong team will PK ,one is Liverpool and other one is Chelsea,Why attractive me,because if one of this team lost,my sport team will decrease  the marks with team which stay in nombor 1.My support team is Manchester United and the team which stay in  no1 is Chelsea.

          After finish watch,I go to find friend.at his house I play tv game with him.I stay at his home about 3 hours,then I back home le because my father already call me le.After I back home,I go to bath first and then eat lunch.After eat lunch,I go to sleep le cause tired.I sleep until 4:45pm just wake up.Then I go out to chat with my grandmother while wait my father back home.About 6:10pmmy father back le,I go to lock the fence.Not until 5 min.my friend call me,he said:‘he ady at outside of my home de fence le,so I need to open the fence again.I chat with him about 1 hours,after that he need back home le because his mother call him le.

            I also need back le cause want eat dinner le.After eat dinner,I eat the flu medicine cause I flu le.After 2 hours,I feel my body such as lost all energy de,so I decide do to sleep le.Before I sleep,I wait send one message to Her.‘Mei ,good night’.       
            Mei,I love you forever.My love to you will never change in my life.
7-11-2010(Sunday)….no title

     Today no any interested thing happen,so I no write for today
      Before I sleep,I wait send one message to Her.‘Mei ,good night’.       

          Mei,I love you forever.My love to you will never change in my life.

8-11-2010(Monday)….no title
        1:00am……1:30am……..i still sit in front of my laptop to watch movie.That movie name is “爱情公寓”,that movie is about love and got a little laugh heartily de.I watch alone at my,room,watch until some part,I cannot control myself and I laugh myself.my mother feel something wrong so she get in my room and to see what happen with me?I said to her nothing happen,just wtch the movie and laugh alone nia,after my mother listen my explanation,she just go to sleep.I watch until part 7 then go to sleep le.

        The clock show 7:30am,my mother ady call me wake up le,I said to her last night I sleep late and give me more time sleep but she refuse le.I bo huat so I just listen her de.After I wake up,I’m doing nothing,just go to sitting room de sofa and lying at there.Until 9:30am I just wake up go to brush my teeth and then eat breakfast.After finish eat,I will go to my grandmother house to watch newspaper.After finish watch,I go back home to do revision because this Friday got exam.The subject I do revision is tecnologi electric,this subject is most difficult is compare to Enginering Math@Sains.

         After do revision until the information cannot deliver to my brain,I choose to break down.I direct go to my bed sleep cause that time I really really tired le,not interested to do anything.When sleep,I will sleep very long time le cause very tired.If my  mother not call me,I think I will continue t sleep until 7or8pm le.At here,I want thank to my mother.After I wake up,I go out.Suddenly I look my father enter home,I feel something wrong le,I quickly go to see what happen with him?Ooo….after I see le just understand,he into house to find vinegar  because he beat by bee.
       Than I go to find my aunty to chat with her,chat no until 10minutes,the cloud suddenly become black and then rain le.I quickly run back.
       Then I go to bath first because I worry I will flu,I not hope happen because this Friday I got exam again loh.Then until night,I start do revision le,do until  half,I stop le.I open my laptop to wactch movie and then write my diary.

          I stop here le because I want sleep.Before i sleep,I will not forget said good night to her.“Mei,good night”Have a nice dream.

          Mei,I love you forever.My love to you will never change in my life.

9-11-2010(Tuesday)….no title
Today my hand pain,so I lazy write………….

      Mei,I love you forever.My love to you will never change in my life.

10-11-2010(Wendesday)….no title

   Today I back to my Jitra home le.I back early cause want to prepare for the exam.So today I dun wan write so much.I write until here stop le.
         Mei,I love you forever.My love to you will never change in my life
11-11-2010(Thursday)….no title

   Today I lazy write diary le cause tumorrow got exam,I want prepare .

              Mei,I love you forever.My love to you will never change in my life.

12-11-2010(Friday)….Very Relaks day

     Today is my last day at school le,want wait until 5/12/2010 just back.But before this I will not too happy loh cause I need go to school take exam again.I wake up about 9 am,than I go to bath first and than go to eat breakfast.After finish do all that,I start take the tecnologi electric  book to do revision.I just can do revision for 1 hour that nia because time not enough.I need go to school le.

     After arrived school,I quickly go to my exam place because I worry me will late.My exam place is at the 7 floor building,fortunately I not late reach my exam place.After I reach,the examiner call ours enter class.After he explain all about exam regulations,we  can start our exam le.First I see the tecno electric question,I want become panic le because its too difficult and some question our lecturer not teach in class also come out in this final exam.After one hour and 15 minutes pass,I still got some question not do again,at this time,the one method that I can do is not let it blank,try to write answer.The time still got 30 minutes but 80% already get out le.Not so long I also follow them because I finish do.
     After finish exam,I and friend quickly back to our rent house because my friend he want back to KAJANG,he bus wil arrived at 2pm.After reach at rent house,he quickly take the beg and then call my other friend fetch him go to bus station.Me go to paid the internet payment.Unfortunately,that telekom shop not open,then I go to post office but post office also not open.That time I just can back home.My friend all back le,the rent house just let me and my senior.My senior not back because tumorrow he got the MUET test and I no back because I want download some movie take back to watch.
     Time for eat dinner le le,my senior bring me go to one restoran eat economy rice because all Chinese  restoran close,just that shop not close.After finish eat,we go to petrol station first before back home.When at home,I go bath first than continue sit in front of my laptop.I sit in front of my laptop not for a while, I take my handphone call my girlfriend.We talk many topic at the calling and  I dun know how to write in my dairy because we really talk many many topic.Ok lah,I said one of topic.She said for me that she very very very like one movie and she want watch.That movie name is SAMMY ADVENTURE.I said to her I will try go to search internet to find that movie.But just pass 10 minutes,I said to her that movie she want cannot download,just can watch through internet.Firstly I think she will angry but after she listen me sadi that to her,she said never mine lah,ig cannot download,no need download le.Talk ar alk……..the clock ady show 12:05am le,we stop talk here because she said very tired and me also feel tired.So we stop to chat le.Before we close the handphone,I  said good night MEI and she will also said that for me.

        Mei,I love you forever.My love to you will never change in my life.

13-11-2010(Saturday)….Avery no happy day

       Today I wake up early because want back to my house.I back house with ride my friend motor.After 20 minutes,I reach my house le.After enter my house,I quickly put my all dirty and smelly clothes into washing mesin.After than I go to sleep le because today I just sleep not more than 4hours.Sleep until syiok-syiok,suddenly my youngest brother call me wake up because he said my grandfather call me go to buy newspaper.That time de me still want sleep again but I promise to my grandfather that I will go to buy.After finish buy newspaper,I continue sleep again.I sleep from 9am until 11am.

      After wake up,I chat with my mother for a while than go to my grandfather house to see newxpaper,After I finish see,my si shu come le.When I saw his car,I back home.I go to hide at home until evening I follow my father go to send eggs to customer.i just call him.Why I want do that ne?Before that when I look he come,I will very happy and will go to summon him but this time very very different with before this.
        I also dun want write in my dairy le because that thing already pass.After back from send eggs to customer,my father and me rest for a while just continue carry the eggs into van.After finish carry eggs into van,the eggs boss call my father.Dun no why every time that lui bin(in hokkian) boss call my father,my mother will tell me help my father find a new job for him.You know lah,for me how to find job to my father,so  I discuss with my mother,after discuss,my mother tell me send a message to my brother that at BATU PAHATto help my father find a new job.Until night lah my brother call my father that he successful find a new job for my father,he tell my father again that he must come early because my brother scare that job will substitute by other person and one more is that job need interview first.

        After finish chat with my brother,I can feel that my father was happy and myself also happy but a other side,I also feel myself got a litter bit sad because my father want go so far place to work.My youngest bother ne???HAr,,after he listen my father want go to BATU PAHAT work,I can feel that he want cry laio but lastly he dun cry.That time,I go to playing game,playing until half,I call my girlfriend but she no answer,I think she sleep le so I continue playing mygame but suddenly my handphone sing a song,I answer it,apparently is her,I think her sleep already le.I ask her a reason why not answer my call?She said that today she buy a news handphone and a new handphone had to charge between 4 hours  and one more reason is she let her phone at her room so she not heard her handphone sing a song.
       I not hold a respon for a fault to her,I start tell her anything that happen for today,I disgorge what I want tell her.I said to her that my family happen many thing  make me suddenly lost interest love.Is really,that time de me dun know why lose interest to love.After she listen,she ask me that need a time to rest and relaks for a time.That  time de me also very agree her suggestion.That time de me really really need a time to rest and relaks for myself.No just that,she angry me team.She said she give me time to relaks,she want me think back that before this what wrong that I do to her.For example,she said she will not go to WATT again but me still ask her today morning go WATT ar?And other example is she tell me next time if I send one message or call her one time,she not reply,that means she will very busy,but I send more than one message and call her more than one time.After I think it,I also feel that all is my wrong,that time my feeling was very very very!!!!!confused and want cry le.Before we end the call,she said again to me that she want me think cleary!!just go find her.I promise I will do that.

      After end the call,I lying on bed for a long time because  cannot sleep.This all start from myself.If I no tell what happen in my family,it will not happen but if  I dun tell to her,my hart will feel more difficult and like want go to suicide…………………………………………………………….
        Mei,I love you forever.My love to you will never change in my life.

14-11-2010(Sunday)….A normal day
        Today is Sunday,like a normal,I go to brush teeth than eat breakfast.After than,I go to my grandmother house to read newspaper,after read,my grandmother call me take the dishesback home.Than I go out to play badminton with my youngest brother.After play want near1 hours and 30 minutes,we stop le because tired.Than I rest for a several minutes just go to take a bath.After finish take a bath,out home’s dog make noisy,so I go out to see who come.

         Apparently is my si shu come,he also bring my 囎祖母 and my noisy cousins.Firstly I dun know my 囎祖母 come,until I go grandmother house just listen her sound.I dun call her because I dun want disturb her talking with my grandmother.After I finish bath,I go to JITRA to tidy my rent house.I move my all thing from my one room to another room because I want room that just can stay 1 or 2 person nia.I dislike more than 2 de because that can make me difficult to concentrate on my study.After finish tidy,I go to post office to send some books to my borother with use pos ekspress because he was emengency to use that book to teach children and one more is he want give to his girlfriend youngest sister .
        Unfortunately I has been angry by that officer in poss office because I dun have obey that regulations that had been written in the envelop of pos ekspress that is the mass of something that you want send is cannot more than 500gram but all envlop that I send is more than 500 gram.Firstly I scare my books cannot be send out and if want send out you must paid more money but finally that officer said no problem and he said next time cannot do that again.
        After go pos office,I back home.When I enter home,no need wait 5 minutes,the rain have coming.Fortunately I back early if not I think all my body will bath with rain le.Than I go to sleep for a while.After I wake up,I go to find my friend to chat with him.We chat until 7 pm than I back le.After at home,I go to bath first and than just eat dinner.After eat dinner,I sit in front of my laptop to play game.The time that I play game  is about 3 hours,than I stop to play game le because I want start write my dairy le.After finish write,the time already show 12:20 am,is not too early le and I want sleep.
         Before I sleep,I lying on bed for a while to think all my false that I do to my girlfriend.After finish thinking,I start go to meet “zhou gong”le.   

          Mei,I love you forever.My love to you will never change in my life.

15-11-2010(Monday)….A boring day
       Today is a boring day,nothing happen.I use this time to think back what wrong that I do to my girlfriend.

          Mei,I love you forever.My love to you will never change in my life.

16-11-2010(Tuesday)….A boring day
         Today is not happen anything,like a last day.Just my father stay last night at this house le because tumorrow night he want go to BATU PAHAT to find work.

        At night,I lying on bed and thinking that tumorrow I want send message to my girlfriend of not.Think ar think…….think ar think…….finally I decided tumorrow morning send message to her.After finish do decided,I go sleep le.Good night Mei.

         Mei,I love you forever.My love to you will never change in my life.

17-11-2010(Wendesday)….A Grievance day
      Today morning we all family go out except my brother that study at BATU PAHAT.I think this is our last go out together because tonight  my father want go to BATU PAHAT find work le.
     At evening,my san gu fetch my father go to SAHAB PERDANA bus stop.Unfortunately I cannot follow go because the car already full le.I jsu sit at home and watvh the movie.
      Until 9:30pm,my mother and my youngest brother just come back.They buy Mcdonald chicken for me.Aftr than,I open television to watch Asian  Game.Watch until 11pm  than I go sleep le.But when I lying on bed,I cannot close my eye,in my brain just think my girlfriend.I think she is very very beautiful,beautiful like a princess.She is a very very good and helpful girl.I very proud with me because got a girlfriend like her.I will assess her and will not let her go.NEVER NEVER let her go!!

         Mei,I love you forever.My love to you will never change in my life.

18-11-2010(Thursday)….no title
       Today lazy write my diary,I rest for today.

      Mei,I love you forever.My love to you will never change in my life.

19-11-2010(Friday)….no title

  Today is Friday,is a holiday at Kedah and today also has a most boring day because dun no want go where.Until night,after I eat dinner and watch Asian Game,I go lying on bed le.I no sleep directly while I listen song because I want wait until 12:00am,yours know why I want wait until 12:00am???

      This is because tumorrow is 1months she become my girlfriend.11:58….11:59….12:00am!!!!!!!Time is come.I send message to her le.
      That message point is “Mei,today is you become my girlfriendone months le,dun know you still remember or not?At here I know I cannot give you what big present so I decided write 99times I LOVE YOU.I hope u will not angry me.That mean I hope our love can permanent until we all two die or the end of this world.If not,I will not too easy ley our love able to move!!!!

      Mei,I love you forever.My love to you will never change in my life.

20-11-2010(Saturday)….no title
     Today I lazy write.
      Mei,I love you forever.My love to you will never change in my life.

21-11-2010(Sunday)….no title

Today not special thing happen so I no write.But before I sleep,one thing I think very very long time just can sleep.That thing is I miss my girlfriend.Dun know now her life still good or not?

      Mei,Good night
      I love you forever.My love to you will never change in my life.

22-11-2010(Monday)….no title
Today morning I back to my rent house to take my cloth to prepare for this Thursday de.Unforunately,when I reach there,I just remember I forgot bring my rent house key.That time de me very very angry myself,angry me how can forgor bring key ne.But I not stay there too long,After I finish angry myself,I back home.Before I back,I go to pos office to paid bil electric first.

After I finish eat lunch,I go to sleep le.Until 3:00pm la I just wake up.Then I open tv watch Asian Game until 5 pm.

  At night,the condition  same with last night.Before I sleep,dun know in my brain why also got her photo de??Yes!!!Really got her photo because I very very very miss her,miss my girlfriend miss Cheng Mei!!!Mei,I LOVE YOU.

      I love you forever.My love to you will never change in my life.

23-11-2010(Tuesday)….no title
       Today is Tuesday,no any special thing happen.Morning I ride motor go to Jitra de 大伯公帮我爸爸抽了一枝qian,that qian is a good qian.It said my father will faster find the job.After than,I back home le,I take it to my mother see.

       Before I sleep,I miss my girlfriend again.I cannot control myself  that no go to think her or miss her.I very very miss her!Really!!!!Mei,I love you.

      I love you forever.My love to you will never change in my life.

24-11-2010(Wendesday)….no title
         Today I wake up about 7:30am.I want sleep more also cannot because my mother already call me le.Mother ar,mother ar,why dun want let me sleep more ne???

       After finish eat breakfast,I ride motor go out to buy newspaper.10am I open television watch Asian Game.Everning I cannot go out because rain.I just stay at house nia,doing nothing!!!!Very boring!!!

        Tumorrow I want back poli liao,not poli open school,Is  I want back early because want early do preparation for then MSK(intake DECEMBER student).

         Before I sleep,I miss her again.Mei good night.I love you.

       I love you forever.My love to you will never change in my life.

25-11-2010(Thursday) until 2/12/2010(Thursday)….no title
I go to poli to prepare the MSK,I become a fasi in this msk.So I not write my diary in this time.
3-12-2010(       Friday)….Sad day
  Today is my most sad day in my life.Why????/This is because my love to my girlfriend had stop le.This happen from this evening.after I wake up,I see her message.She said she want stop this love with me………………………………

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