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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hahaha.....very syiok and super good mood

          Today is 20/10/2010.before i start my blog,i want ask everybody,today is what day???I believe everybody also dun no today is what day??Actually today is a normal day and no any special day but...................for me today very very very very very important and super special day.

         You know why?This is because today she finally agree want become my girlfriend le.After i listen what she said to me,i very very happy,excited,deligted and gleeful.LET me tell to everybody how she agree to be my girlfriend and why she want choose today tell me.Actually i also dun no de,i know is today de 12:00am she send one message to me but that time  ady sleep le cause i very tired,she not only send message to me even she call me 3 times but i dind't answer,until the fourth call from Winnie,i just wake up and answer,when i want answer,she cut the call le,i feel something wrong and wonder le,so i call back Winnie and ask her why call me at that time,after Winnie answer,i even speak to her le,but i feel the sound at the phone is not her and is Mei,i use this oppunity ask Mei why call  me until 3 times,but Mei no answer me,she angry me cause dun no her meaning,she call me go to sleep with a higher sound,i pun weird but i dun think it too much,i continue my meeting with "Zhou Gong"le.

       Until today 7 am,i send one message ask Mei'friend,that is Winnie.Winnie tell me all thing about today 12 am y she send message to me.Assorted Mei is ady agree want be my girlfriend le.First i not believe what she said,i think she just joke with me nia.

      Until everning 5:30 pa,i call Mei,Mei just talk herself to me,she said she agree to be my girlfriend le.After i listen what her said to me,i feel myself very happy and suddenly think want give her one hug.

        After finish chat with Mei,i go out eat dinner with my roomate le.And at there i meet other friend,that is Wei Yao,He tell me to tell Wei Liang and Jian Yong that choose one day go to eat KFC or Pizzahut cause he got 4 voucher all total RM40 from POLI JPP de.I agree him go back ask them.
       Now time ady 9:15 pm le,is the time start to do revision le cause final exam still got one more weel nia.

       Finally,i want said to Cheng Mei thAt, i love you

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