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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

super no mood and super sad

   Today is tuesday,i need wake up early cause got class at 8am.If not i can sleep until 9am de.That class is
Tecnologi  Electric.This subject i most worry cause want 2 months le that lecturer not come to class,early morning,that letcher already seat at class le.After all student come,he start his teaching,the topic he teached is "Arus Ulang Alik(AC)","Rintangan Tulin","Litar rintangan dan aruhan(RL) Sesiri" dan lain-lain lagi.Selepas habis
pengajaran,lecturer give some exercise and he said again next week got test and he said again that test will come out  from assigment 
that we do.

    After finish class,i and my friend go to 7floor because we got class at there,we just take 7 minutes reach
at 7.6.After reach there,my friend open laptop than he lie down on chair while i seat at chair thinking how to 
solve my love problem,after think,i decided call her friend that is Yiko.I try to know what Mei said to her.
I just call her some minutes cause my Engineering Math lecturer ant come le.When at class,she suddenly
send one message to me that is "call me now",i said to her "wait and will call you later".

   After finish Math class,i no direct call her and i walk until Student Mall just call her. When i call her,she direct 
tell that some thing is very very "shock"for me de,she said my "cousin" send many message to Mei and said something
that very hurt Mei de message .After i heard,all my body like a volcano want burst,after reach home,i quickly 
call him but he not answer,so i send message to his that please dun disturb Mei again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!That time i 
super hate him!! He lah make me and Mei de relationship nearly broken le!!That time de me dun no want do what 
just better ne...

    Than i go back le cause everning got Co-curiculum,i go to Poli at 1:45 PM,AFTER REach, i direct go to student
mall cause at there lah we need "kawat kaki".That Wataniah Kapte very no brain de,at this hot day also need
 "kawat" and the most unexpected  is at this super hot day we all need lie down at the "jalan tar".Fortunately 
for me this thing is normal le.After finish "kawat kaki",we all from St.john de need go to DK2 again,inside 
the DK2, my friend  WEI LIANG tell me all thing that about Mei de to me.He said that many many thing to me that 
about me de, that all thing is my false,after i heard,i pretend very stable but acatually i want cry le.

     After that i direct go back to my rent house and after change my clothes,i lie down on my bed for 2 hours,
At this 2 hours,i just close my eye and in my brain all thinking method how to improve my relationship with Mei.
So today de dinner i no go out eat le,just cook Maggie eat nia.After eat,i go to my room to do my revision
but before doing revision i online facebook first to see what the hot "news" that post by my friend.After 
than i close my facebook and go to do revision le.

I hope Mei can give me a chance again,that time i will not waste le and will consider that chance as 
a GOLD.Mei ar,please dun angry me le,you know when you angry me,me will very very sad de.

Hope tumorrow will better than today.

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