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Monday, October 11, 2010

No mood....

Haiz........haiz...............sad,mood very down......

Today 8 am until 10 pm no  English class,cause lecturer cancel class.But i go school early cause scare the black cloud will  down a heavy rain.After reach school,i go to library for 20 minute watch newspaper,after that i go out and wait at the cottage beside library.At this time lah my friend suddenly come to my direction and said to me"Hung,u die le lah,u can go hit your head to the wall le""me ask him why???""and he said;"u see,she give back all things to u that u award her.At this time lah all myself  suddenly feel want go to die le.

Without thinking more,i quickly go to class at DK3 cause got Moral class,at moral class,when that lecturer come to class,he direct said got quize,me and all friend "shock"for a while.But fortunately he give 1 hour to our class to read the book,the quize will start at 11:15am untill 12:15 pm..When the quize start,first i read the all question first before answer.I feel some question not so difficult but i cannot answer cause i forgot what the answer le.Onoe more thing,at this quize i want become a giraffe also too difficulty.After finish answer,i pass out the paper and want ready go back..Suddenly my class monitor said this everning 2pm got class.

That class finish at 4 pm,than i go back to my rent house.At rent house,i wash my clothes and mattress.After finish wash,i start think want send one message to her to said sorry or not.....After think for a while,i decide send.After send,i wait her message but after 2 hours she not reply me..................

At 6;45pm,my friend call  me and my hoursemate go out eat,When at the "kopitiam"me go to eat economy rice,all Rm 2.50,very cheap.But dun no me satisfied or no mood eat,finally i just eat vegetable nia and rice just eat a beat.

Than we all go back le.When at rent house,i still wait her message but she not reply.Than open my laptop to online facebook. after online until boring,i go to create a new blog and write what happen for today in my blog.After write ar write,finally finish write le.

I hope tumorrow can better than today<...>

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