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Friday, October 15, 2010

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   Clock show 1 am le,,,,,,,,but i still no sleep again cause i watch movie at my laptop.......hehehe.....after  finish watch and ready want go to bed,suddenly my handphone sound,GOT one new message from.......She said to me Mei like want give me last chance to chance but Mei tell her that my apologize method is not sincere.Mei want me face to face to said sorry to her.After me see message send from...........i very very very happy and excited until me cannot sleep,I do ntg that night,in my brain just think about that nia.Finally her give me oppunity le,i want consider this oppunity as a gold and will not easy waste le.

   The clock show 2 am more le,i start close my eye and want meeting with "ZHOU GONG"le.Sleep ar sleep.........sleep until lose feel le cause clock show the time is 8am le,i quickly wake up than go to brush tooth and eat breakfast.Than my mother call me go out buy newspaper.After buy,i direct eat lunch at home than want back to Jitra home cause i scare everning will rain .After reach there,i do Engineering Drawing first,I spend four to finish these subject.After finish doing,i go to Tunjang to see my youngest borther play basktball.

    I not spend all time at there,i juat watch 4 min nia then back Jitra hoome le.After back,my friend Wei Liang send message to me that he want borrow "bengkel gegas"report from me,i take  to his house.I just at his house for 15 min than back home le cause want go back  search internet to find information about Tecnologi Electric.

     I not just find information  nia.at the same time.i also got message with friend,the message make me most angry is about my salary,lasy night i want go take but she said  her supervisior not come again.i wait until today ask again,however she said my salary  want wait until 20/10/2010 just can take,after i listen this,i  feel very very hot!I promise next time i will no go there work le!!!!!!Cash is not a promise!!!!!I hate it!!!

   Other message decrease my angry is Mei's frend invite me go A/Star. First i said cannot cause i want do revision,but her friend said me can do revision at morning and everning than night just go ma.Actually i dun want go de but she said she want help me slove  the LOVE problem between me and Mei,without thinking,i agree her.

      I hope tumorrow night she really really can help solve my love problem between me and Mei.

     Now me want sleep le cause very ver tired.........Good night..

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